“Jasmin” – Painting, Poem and Song – by Tony Chapman


“Fairground” by Tony Chapman


“Walking On Eggshells” by Tony Chapman

Walking On Egg-shells.

walking on: eggshells, cornflakes, drawing pins, 
with no sound
grasping at straws
no no-man's-land singing tonight 

only plummeting angels, who whisper fairytales 
as their feathers scatter and their golden and black, curly, flowing hair 
stretches out behind them, 
undisturbed robins, chirruping in its folds and fissures  
and sparkling, elegant strands. 

Plummeting, they all go, 
whistling, at last, no-man's land songs, 

cups, saucers and saucepans 
scattering behind them.


“5th Element” by Tony Chapman

5th element

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