(Ro’s response to me singing my song: “Carnage”) Yeah, that song is really special. Washes away any hatred I had left in me, so that's good :) London is tragic, and we need songs like yours right now. Ro, organizer of mailto:amsterdamsongwritersguild.com” - Ro, organizer

— Amsterdam songwriter's guild

(Emailed response from musicians in the audience, at a Sunday afternoon open mike, I played at): “Hi Toni! Your music is truly wonderful! Thanx for cd! You should also make a new record! Gr Otto 'lucky' Fonz!” 6/21/05” - Otto 'lucky' Fonz!”
Friday October 28th, Treehouse Open Mike Night in Amsterdam, (poets, storytellers, standup comedians) doing their stuff. Mostly in English. Some good singers and other poets followed, with one of the highpoints of the evening: closing-act singer-songwriter Tony Chapman who performed some originals and standards at the piano. His song "Go To Sleep" is a knock-out! Gets more interesting and deeper with each verse! A warm, radiant performance. Good planning of the ABC-people to let Tony finish, so we could all go home on a positive note. Go hear him, if you have a chance! Best of luck, Tony, from Gerrit Vennema (poet/ songwriter)” - Gerrit Vennema (poet/ songwriter)

— Treehouse open mike night, Amsterdam

Lucky Fonz III aka Otto 22 November 2005 Hey Tony, lovely website! I hope to catch you live soon again. Last time, when you played with the violinplayer, me and my friend Harmen just stood there mesmerized...simply amazing songs you have!” - Lucky Fonz III aka Otto

— open mike, Cafe Sapho

When Tony starts to sing, the words and melodies just come out naturally and draw you into his lyrics and notes. His lyrics are about everyday life and contemporary realities, sung in a warm and stirring voice...” - - Mashid Mohadjerin (freelance photographer, www.mashid.com)
Then, from out of the blue, Tony Chapman appeared on the stage of the bartent at the landjuweel festival 2005. With guitar and voice and his own compositions he manages to catch the attention. He sings his doubts, loves and fears in lyrical, original english. In spite of a freaking soundtechnician he gives a splendid 30 minutes solo performance.” - Valentijn Steenhuis (artistiek leider)

— Theater de Cameleon, Amsterdam www.decameleon.nl

hoi tony, I heard you and your partner sing at the buurtboerderij in A'dam-westerpark: I really, really liked it: finally I heard real music with a real melody. All of me relaxed and I felt at ease. Your songs tell good stories, I'd like to hear them again....... Thanks for the wonderful music and I hope to hear more of you groetjes Marijke” - maijke paternotte

— buurtboerderij in A'dam-westerpark

Hi Tony Thanx for your performance, we enjoyed it very much. ... your style reminds me of Dylan, though your voice is slightly different. It is more the folky style, together with the way you use lyrics. Visualy you remind me more of Townes Van Zandt, but also here you sound different. You have a style of your own, even though you remind of people like these. Then there is another part.. you seem to have not only qualities as a musician, but also as an entertainer. That is my impression...you make people cheerful by your presentation... ... we would be more than happy to receive you and your friends again. See you soon? Serge” - Serge Zwergje

— Buurtboerderij, music cafe. www.buurtboerderij.nl

Tony Chapman sings from the heart because he writes from the heart. He braids his music, his voice, and his lyrics into a tapestry rich with feeling and insight. If you hear it, you'll feel it. His frailty, (openess, vulnerability), is his strength and in this hectic and often cruel world Tony is willing to share that strength with all who take a moment to slow down and listen. - Thorne Anderson - Photographer” - Thorne Anderson, Photographer and Author
Chapman: "chap-stick" for the soul Amidst the plethora of performing artists, one man stands out. His name is Tony Chapman, singer songwriter. As the first keystrokes on the small piano merge into a dreamy melody, the works of Neil Young come to mind. This man belongs on stage. Well constructed compositions back up smoothly rasp delivered lyrics, songs of melancholy without any bitterness. A rare feat. His sound is almost solemn and yet he conveys a deep lust for life. Afterwards both the onlookers and Chapman himself seem to radiate a little more cheerfulness.” - Vincent Moritz, free lance film critic (VPRO Gids, Amsterdam Weekly)

— Open mike, Friday October 28th ABC Tree House Amsterdam