(Below this is a rather formal "cv").

Of course I’ve done loads more things in my life than I've put in this short "cv". You wouldn’t believe the half of it.

Maybe I’ll tell my life story in instalments, on this web site, a different part each month?

The thing is, I’ve written songs for years.

It seems I’m exceptionally good at writing songs.

But I became disillusioned with myself, I thought I 'd “missed the boat” … I tried to find a safe, conventional job, that would pay the bills, (without much success). (But I still wrote songs)

Then, a few years ago, I met someone who heard my songs, related so strongly to them, she said: they put into words, things she had always felt but had never been able to express… she loved my songs...

I suddenly saw their brilliance… I had hundreds of jewels right under my nose, (its amazing how you can miss the obvious, when your are so close up to it) … I had a new faith in my music.

I've been inspired to go out into the world and try again... and what do you know? other people love my songs too!!! So here I am … with the marvel of the internet … HELLO EVERYBODY…. I HOPE YOU ENJOY THE SHOW!!


Formal type description of some of things I've done:

I am a musician and a performing singer/song-writer, playing guitar and piano.

I spent five years studying Visual art, (painting, drawing and sculpture), Music and Creative Writing, at Eastbourne School of Art and Manchester Metropolitan University, resulting in a B.A.Honours Degree in Creative Arts.

The degree was wide ranging and also included the study of: Integrated Arts, which took in: Theatre, Dance, and Animation.

After University, I worked in England and Europe, as musician, artist, actor and teacher with Manchester based theatre groups.

We performed and ran workshops in schools, community centres and theatres.

My art-works have been exhibited in England, Wales, Germany and Holland. 

Combining my poetry, music and visual art, I have also produced theatre pieces and animations.

After traveling, studying and working in Europe, I moved to Amsterdam, where I now live, painting, performing and teaching art.