8th Sept. 2011 new songs on website, ccMuseikCafe performance review

1. hi everyone - last night I added samples of 5 of my songs: the rock versions with the full band, and strings added - professionally mastered by Jeffrey da Goose, to my music page - on my tonychapmanmusic.com site. with lyrics, thoughts and my own artworks - 2. I performed at the ccMuseikCafe, in Amsterdam, last Tuesday - went very well - Luke Nyman, (genius of the ivorys) on piano, Kiki Classic, (genius of the drums), Ingrid Potman, (genius of the voice), - I only work with genius's... here are some reviews of the gig - I collected afterwards - not bad eh? I'd better keep it up this time - no more u-turns - really. - "English wordsmith - par excellence" - "folk, sensitive character" - "brings together complicated rhyyhms, harmonies, stories, a roller coaster ride - melodies full of surprises, deep complex geography, epic stories" not bad eh?...

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