From the recording dancing (copyrighted)

I was dancing at a night club a few years ago and I was so happy - I felt my troubles drop away, I felt so FREE! When I came out afterwards, I was back into the challenges of life - but the challenges didn't seem quite as large as before...and I sat some where and wrote these lyrics. Then I discovered the funky major/minor/dominant 7th chord and this is the result!


Dancing: Words and Music by Tony Chapman. (copyrighted).

E7(with min3rd and mj3rd) F#m7-5 B
dancing like lightening on the floor
G#7(with min3rd and mj3rd) F#m7-5 B
dancing the coloured lights soar
C7(with min3rd and mj3rd) Am7 D
dancing, like an eagle you fly
B7(with min3rd and mj3rd) B+5
dancing, like a bullet passing by
C#m Emj7 A Emj7
out on the street your worries wait for you
A B E (B)
C#m Emj7 A Emj7
out on the street is the taking of you
A B E (A E)
C#9 D#9
But here you are free, to be what you want to be

Fm G# B C# Fm G# B C#
A warrior, explorer, history maker, earthmover,
Fm G# B C# Fm G# B F° E° B
prophet, great King, millionair Being with xray sight
A B G A B E - A6 E A6 E
dancing dancing dancing down the night______________

dancing, no limit to the stars
dancing, Venus across and Mars
dancing, like a heart drives you on
dancing, your troubles gone, (SAMPLE)