the title was suggested by a friend - I wrote the song - using a book of sayings - 


Our Love is a Different Kind of Thing,  
Words and Music by Tony Chapman ©1997 
dressed in silk and satin with the 
E (maybe A drone) 
co-operative backing of the 
D                                      A         E
Unlimited company we keep
with a rabbit's foot and heather, with a 
hammer and a feather we 
D                      E                               A        (D,  A,)
walk together proudly down the street
                 C#m        F#m          D                      A
some say love goes out when poverty comes in 
       D                   E                            A  
but our love is a different kind of thing
they say its not worth trying but 
birth comes after dying so we 
step out like royalty on the town
with your home made turquoise skirt and my 
second hand white shirt, apple 
blossom like confetti flutters down
some say "lovers leap" and "suicide's a sin" so our 
love is a different kind of thing
    E7     A              E7              A             E7           A 
to celebrate our beauty we stand by Nelson's column 
                 D2                          E                          A
while the tourists take our photos for their friends
           E7         A       E7                 A             E7            A
we're famous for a moment the cameras click and whirr 
                  D2                                                 Esus4
behind us Houses of Parliament and Big Ben
at the end of every day 
sunset colours play 
kaleidoscopes in your golden hair
and we cuddle up so warm there's no 
television on we've got 
other kinds of things we like to share
some say "true loves song, the mute swan sings" 
but our love is a different kind of thing 
so we'll take our loving cup and fill it to the brim
because our love is a different kind of thing.