One More Goodbye. 
Words and Music by Tony Chapman C 1997 written 1996
D                              A4            G                   D
ragged clouds are piling up along the horizon
G                                                             D                           A
buildings have no windows and the streets are caving in
D                  A4               G                              D
plaster of Paris people with their painted smiles on 
G                                                                 D              A
shiver in their death throes with their pasted on grins
Bm                    F#m  G        Gmj7,    Em, Em7-5,  
into a melting sun,  cupid's arrows fly
A7/4 (no 3rd)   A7/2 (no 3rd)      A6/7/2
            D                               Gmj7              G2                     D
you're one of the walking wounded,  its one more goodbye
catapults are screaming as a million stones are flung
crossbows release crucifixes into your cathedral heart
the censor with his paint brush obliterates the sun
painting over God and Adam, quenching the divine spark
into a melting furnace
your secret tears you cry
now you're one of the dispossessed
its one more goodbye
            A                            Bm                          G                              D
if you build a house with playing cards,  a breeze will knock it down
           A                                      Bm                              G                                 A4
if you weave your cloth from iron chain,  you can't use it as a wedding gown
your heart is in your throat your mouth can speak no words
you never thought you'd have to write another sad love song
every time you touched her flowers filled the world
you celebrated her body with heart and soul and tongue
into a melting dream
her beauty slowly dies
you're stuck out here in no-man's land
its one more goodbye
(inst. As verse)
what is there to learn from the burnt pages of this book
can you crack the secret code? is their something to gain?
where is the forgiving hand to let you off the hook
can you stop the carousel from coming round again
into a melting vision her kisses pass you by
pack up your bags your leaving
its one more goodbye.      pack up your bags your leaving  its one more goodbye.