I originally wrote the chorus of this song 30 years ago in an improvised music session with some Brazilian women - we were doing an impromptu madi-gras! in the south west of England - all dancing round a field play every instrument we could find, including pots and pans - well the chorus stayed with me for 25 years - I had ideas for the verses -they were going to star: famous people from every age of time, Cleopatra, Moses, Bob Dylan, Einstein, etc...   
Eventually, a few years ago I was teaching a young student: music and I thought this would be a great song for him to play and sing if it was about a "circus!" the rest fell into place...
The boy went onto much musical success - he was/is amazingly talented and he was videoed playing/singing, this song like a 7 year old Elvis Presley. unfortunaltely I never got a copy of the video - such a shame - it was brilliant! .... there you go... such is the circus of life....


Flood gates.  
Words and Music by Tony Chapman. Copyrighted.
F    Bb  Ab         F    Bb  Ab         F    Bb  Ab    F     
F      Ab         G4    Bb                    F                Cm  Bb
Open ………………. open up the floodgates 
push wide the windows 
Dbmj7  Eb         F         Cm     Bb
let the barriers down 
F       Ab         G4    Bb              F                Cm  Bb
Open, ……………….. open up floodgates 
Db7                                       C7                        F         (Bb  Ab F)
Put on your dancing shoes. The circus is in town.
C                                     Gm
Eleplahants, acrobats, flame eater, strong man acts 
C                                  Gm
Trapeze artist on air. So high up we all stare  
Crowd roars 
Db                Bbm            Ab
Lion tamer cracks his whip, 
B                       Abm                 Eb         C
sad eyed clowns tumble and trip
Drum and cymbol crashing,coloured lights are flashing,
Double jointed girl twists, see the contortionists,
Tumbler jumps through hoops of fire,
Tight rope walker balances on the wire
               Eb                                                        Bb
In every country, in every city, village and street
               Eb                                                             Bb
In every mountain, in every forest, desert and sea
Open your eyes, open your ears, 
open your heart to the laughter and tears
G                                                               C
Inside (and) outside you and me, the circus is life and its free...
Instrumental over:  F, Eb, Bb, Db     (repeat)   C
Ballerina dances on a horse who prances 
round the ring
Juggler juggles sharp knives, magic laughter dust lies
On everything
Human cannonball takes aim, lady who was cut in two takes a bow
She's in one piece again                CHORUS.