Three Beings, 
 (Chords),  Words and Music by Tony Chapman, Copyrighted
G  C  G   C  etc….
                       G         C             G
yeh, well I’m angry, and I’m hard, 
I stand and make a plan to ruin the world, 
I’m an ancient, a rock, I carry the seeds of destruction in my look,
Cmj7                                   G                 D
I’m older than the solar system 
I’m pious, (I’m) concerned,
I’m out to help the people who haven't a chance, 
I’m a giver, a friend, 
if anyone wants me, well open your doors and I’m in 
all you have to do is call (me)
I’m normal, mediocrity, look in a corner you won't even know that its me,
I’m  average, a fact, 
the universe rests pretty heavy across my back, let me out, I hate it in here