After a few weeks of a silent meditation workshop , afterwards, I sat on the train on the way home and this song poured out of me onto the paper ... 


This little heart.  
Words and Music by Tony Chapman 1990. Copyrighted.
Inst. G,  C,  F, C, F,   Am7-5,   G
G                                                     G+
this little heart was a quiet one, now its fallen into the sun,
D                (D4) Em                       F      (F2)                Bb (with #4)    B6
running so fast, beating so loud, listening for your voice                  in the crowd
Fm9                   Am7      D4   D    G
this little heart       is      set on you
this little heart is a raging bull, a monsoon season when the reservoir's full
deaf to my plead1ng, cleverly reading
your name in brail, on the night sky stars 
this little heart is set on you         
G7         C                F                 Bb                  F            C 
     and Cupid hesitates, calculates, draws back his bow
 C                      F              Bb          Eb       D 
making no demands he releases his arrow ….
This little heart makes its needs known
Wants me up there with you on your golden throne
riding the spiral of your D.N.A. surfing the breakers of your breath's wave
this little heart, my heart's set on you
Inst. As whole verse….
this little is a truthful one, gazell and cheeta's celebratory run
delinquant dance of some glamourous fish
from steel hook to porcelain dish
this little heart, my heart's set on you 
and you throw to me a smile like salt over your shoulder as you go
making no demands you release your arrow
this little heart is open to you, an unlatched window summer steps through 
Lazarus rising from night into day, joyful Adam rising out of the clay
just like the sun, my heart's set on you 
                         Inst. G,  C,  F, C, F,   Am7-5,   G
just like the sun,