words and music by Tony Chapman © l989
C                          Cdim7 
touch of velvet pillow
satin sheets their smooth 
       G                         Am   Cmj7   Fmj7
silk softness will caress
C                            Cdim7 
walk in rainbow fields
                            F                       G 
where all the harvesters of dreams
                         Am     Cmj7    Fmj7 
with rainbow scythes
                Cmj7,   G#   C#     G4   G  G2 G
silently reap -  go      to        sleep
I am here I will protect you 
behind me the windows filled with night
outside stars like eyes of cats 
looking inquisitively through the glass
eagerly peep - go to sleep 
eider down will warm you 
as moon shadows, like a lover's hands so soft 
responsively, sensitively, delicately 
falling on your skin
tenderly creep - go to sleep 
Instrumental: chords: F,Eb, D, C#,
                                         F, Eb, D, C#, F
                                     G4 G G2 G
there's no rain tonight only a breeze 
that carries life from alien worlds
let the U.F.O.'s approach you
pick their signals up like missiles on 
- the radar's sweep - go to 
G4, G,  A°, A7 
D                             D°                       G
worries won't infect you all the wicked wolves
     A                                       Bm     Dmj7  Gmj7 
of life have sheathed their claws
D                                     D°           
count them as they jump like birds
     G                                A                     Bm, Dmj7, Gmj7 
across the wet quicksand innocently
                         Dmj7   Bb    Eb     A4, A, A2, A
disguised as sheep - go    to     sleep