I was jogging around the central Amsterdam park and my feet pounded out the rhythm -  my whole body moved the words out - "and I'm running over..." I felt euphoric ... so happy to be alive - I felt this is what we're doing - running through this Marathon of life - and its ok - its really ok to run, dance through the chaotic, rich, poetry of this surrealistic dream called living - its ok to work, exert, puff and pant - and sometimes stop and meditate - find the stillness inside - then up again and off down life's cluttered, bumpy, running track, carrying some stillness within- its all ok ...


Marathon of Life.  
Words and Music by Tony Chapman © 2000
G              A                                                                       G  A
and we're  running over bridges, over hilltops, over mountains
A                                                                 G  A
moving like an eagle, like a cheetah, like a snake
A                                                                                         G  A    
and we're running under rivers, under oceans, under fountains
A                                                                           G  A
moving over highways, through the cities, over lakes,
                         A          C      D      G  F6  A
CHORUS:  this is living, (living, living), this is life
 G  etc……
and we're running into forests, into deserts, into tunnels
and we're running over tightropes, overdriven, through the rain
and we're jumping over canyons, over quicksand, out of trouble
moving like a seagull, like a bullet, like a plane     CHORUS
                               Bm7                                                   A
MIDDLE:   and in the middle of the movement there's a still point
        Bm7                                  A
like the stillness before you were born
Bm7                                          A
do like Buddha did and sit at the still point
            D                       E
be the eye of this happy storm......
and we're running down the high-street, over meadows, over rooftops
jumping into the sky, where the birds fly, we don't fall
and we're running over high clouds, where the sunshine, it never stops
passing over factories, farmyards, offices, schools     CHORUS
INSTRUMENTAL as fourth verse       MIDDLE
and we're running through the rat race, competition, down the fast lane
running through our careers, down the corridors and halls
running past the soldiers, politicians and policemen
running past the saintly, past the wise-ones and the fools
(running past the barriers, the boundaries and walls)???
and we're running with our lovers, getting married, having babies
running with our children, with our families and friends
running past our birthdays, anniversaries and retirement
running past our funerals, past our gravestones in the end  CHORUS.....