We're all castaway on this desert island called "Planet Earth"- we can't get off -  so lets work together - we're all in the same boat/island - every colour and creed....


Words and Music by Tony Chapman. Copyrighted:1/4/06
(first two choruses on Cminor chord only – except for end of the chorus).
                  Bm                          A                              G       
CHORUS:Cast aways: that's what we are: in this jungle called the world 
                     E7                             A
where's our mummies and our daddies?
Bm                            A
Cast aways that's what we are
     E7                           G                       E7
in reality there’s no goodies there’s no baddies  
F#                      F#+               F#         Bm
there’s just us marooned on this island                                           .
             E                            F#                                                Bm
the umbilical Chord was broken and we were left  ---   high and dry. 
       E                              F#                           Bm
the first words  spoken  brought a  tear into the eye --- 
F#7 ( – with major 3rd and minor 3rd)
eye of the storm:    CHORUS
saints and angels laid their halos ----   on the floor. 
benevolent police force, doctors and lawyers are not ---  there any more: 
knights of old, protecting our gold have opened their door,
navies and armies, battleships no longer --- protect our shore:
that's for sure! 
F#                                             B                   E                  F#                 B 
its late in my life I have no pension and  prices  are rising all the time.
F#                                                     E       
I've got so much depending on me and I've got no money! 
           E            F#             F#7 ( – with major 3rd and minor 3rd)
And I feel like cryin' ---  let me cry...
Inst. (as chorus)  end on   F#   F#7 ( – with major 3rd and minor 3rd)
  repeat chorus  
priests and gurus, teachers and professors they have --- all gone home. 
presidants and royalty, explorer and celebrity va  ---  cated  their throne . Olympic gold medalists, trapeze artists and rock-stars give no -- different view. 
Einstien and Ghandi, Shakespeare and Tolstoy have been -- castaway too 
like me and you...          repeat chorus then chorus as instrumental…..