“Jasmin” – Painting, Poem and Song – by Tony Chapman


“Fairground” by Tony Chapman


“Walking On Eggshells” by Tony Chapman

Walking On Egg-shells.

walking on: eggshells, cornflakes, drawing pins, 
with no sound
grasping at straws
no no-man's-land singing tonight 

only plummeting angels, who whisper fairytales 
as their feathers
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“The Christmas, New Year Song”

Tony Chapman and The Big Event

The Christmas (New Year) Song


what with global warming, hurricanes, tsunamis droughts, floods, earthquakes, wars
the news is always sad, the news is always bad but even us, with all our flaws


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“Cowboy Hat Number 5” by Tony Chapman.

Spark of Life song by Tony Chapman VERSE 1  …

(VERSE 2 coming soon)

when the road is broken and the path is bent
when words that were spoken didn’t say what they meant
when a rabbit is caught by…

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harmonica thoughts

I started playing harmonica at 15 yrs old. I only just found out I can tune it, replace reeds , keep it going forever it, maintain it. The number of harmonicas I threw away and bought new ones which were…

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