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Tony Chapman: Music

Am I really Here? - recorded 2006, mastered 2013 © SAMPLE

(Tony Chapman)
July 31, 2013
Tony Chapman ©

awake asleep or asleep awake ? - which is the the dream?

Am I really here?  

Words and Music by Tony Chapman, (copyrighted)


Dm                                                      C6

Am I really here? In this petrified forest 

B7                                        Bbmj7

Stone angels, mummified devils 

C                                                   G

Am I really here? Embedded in amber 

C#     G#            F#     A             Dm

Excaliber in the lake, make me wake  


Am I really here? Or is it opinion? 

Slight of hand, an illusionists trick 

Am I really here? or is it all done with mirrors? 

Its so unreal it seems fake, make me wake 


Are you really here? Your mute mouths frozen open 

Your alabaster ears, and glass marble eyes

Are you really here?  Of tapestry and mosaic 

Its all too much, more than I can take make, me wake 


Dm, A, Dm, 


Buddhists say: 

We don't exist, a passing kiss, no snake, just hiss, nothing to miss, 

we are not real, like spokes in a wheel, nothing to feel, 

an empty place, a doorway's space, like holes in lace, like outer space, there's no trace,

we are all just, ancient Stardust, 

ghosts and phantoms, built from atoms, 


and atoms aren't real: only energy fields, whatever that is. and  

Bbmj7           G#             Fm                Fm7       G        

even if its true, what good is that to you or me, 

G#mj7              B7                 Bb     Gm    A4     A  

until it falls, a leaf is still a tree   


(Instrumental over verse chords)

Are they really here? Like vultures looking over our shoulders 

Stabbing genicide finger  icicles into our souls 

Are they really here? Spitting moral and dogma 

Won't take the risk too much at stake, make me wake 


Are we really here? tax tourniquet, bank note nooses.

houses clamour to be cleaned, food queues to be prepared, 

are we really here? in this quicksand of necessities,

this wasn't planned, its a mistake.